Secure Storage


Not sure of your new location yet or you’re planning on selling some unwanted belongings, let AUSLINK Removals store your items for you. With a network of storage facilities nationally, AUSLINK Removals can arrange long or short-term storage to coincide with your move and at very competitive rates.

Whether at the beginning or the end of your journey, we can help you with our comprehensive range of storage solutions throughout Australia and and gaining access to your belongings is simple and easy. A quick phone call is all it takes to arrange an inspection or delivery of your stored belongings to your new home.

You can relax knowing your treasured possessions are safe and secure.

Storage Tips:

1. Make sure you wash your woollens before packing them for storage. Vacuum sealed bags are a great way to store woollens, clothing and linen.

2. Vacuum your rugs, or better still have them professionally cleaned before you store them.

3. Be sure to check that you have not included any flammable liquids, perishable foodstuffs or other hazardous items.

4. Thoroughly clean your fridge, freezer and washing machine and make sure they are completely dry.