Pre-packing, Unpacking & Moving Boxes


At AUSLINK Removals, we’re happy to do all or part of the carton packing and un-packing for you. Our pre-pack and unpack option allows you peace of mind knowing your personal belongings are carefully protected using specialised packaging materials secured in purpose-designed cartons.

Our complete pre-packing and unpacking experience, combined with specialised packing materials, will provide the best possible protection to your precious belongings. Our team of experienced packers are trained in packing goods for transport, shipping and storage and unpacking them at the other end – so forget the hassle of packing and unpacking and leave the hard work to us!

Our variety of packing cartons are each designed with specific uses:

Tea Chest Box – (43cm x 41cm x 60 cm)

General large packing box. Twin cushion cardboard. Ideal for domestic and office moves.

Book & Wine Box (41cm x 30cm x 43cm)

General small packing box. Single sturdy cushion cardboard. Ideal for books, DVD’s and other small items.

Crystal Carton (40cm x 30cm x 33cm)

Well cushioned double layer box provided protection for precious and fragile items.

Port-A-Robe Carton (60cm x 48cm x 110cm)

Packing your wardrobe has never been easier! Comes complete with a hanging rail so you can hang and protect your clothing during transport and/or storage.

Picture / Mirror Carton (104cm x 8cm x 78cm)

Ideal for small and medium sized pictures, paintings, mirrors or table tops.

Let our professional team pre-pack and unpack your items for you in our high quality, purpose built moving boxes. Ask us for a quote today.