Moving Hints & Tips

There’s little doubt that moving can be a stressful experience, but with the right preparation and planning, you can make almost seamless. To help make your move as stress-free as possible, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and hints to make your move easier:

Obtaining your FREE QUOTE

Before you fill out the online quote request form, be sure you know what it is you’re taking. The easiest way for a removal company to give you an accurate quotation for your move, is to ensure you give them as much information as possible and a precise inventory of the goods you are wanting to move. Generally, interstate moves are priced on a per cubic metre basis and therefore the appropriate space is made available for your goods, based on the information you provide. Most removal companies allow you to make changes to your inventory up to 5 days prior to your move and adjustments to the overall cost are made on a pro-rata basis

Booking your move:

One of the first things you MUST do, once you have obtained your quotes and selected a removalist, is book the date of your move. Locking in your preferred date as early as possible, is the best way to ensure you’re not disappointed. Our interstate removalists work around the clock, delivery valued belongings all over Australia. However, if you leave booking your move until the last minute, the chances of getting your preferred moving date can sometimes be difficult. So as soon as you have agreed a date, lock it in and close the door on at least that part of your move.

Confirmation of your booking

Once you decide on your preferred removal company, inform them immediately. That way they can book you into their schedule and confirm your date. You will then be assured your removal company of choice is available for your move. Keep your chosen company up to date, and inform them immediately of any changes.

Packing prior to removal

If you have chosen to pack your own belongings, it is a good idea to start packing any non-essential items 7-14 days prior to your moving date. You will be surprised just how much you achieve by packing a couple of boxes every day. Also it is very easy to under-estimate the amount of packing you will have to do. Most household cupboards contain a surprising amount of items and often hide things you had forgotten about. Bear in mind, the average kitchen requires approximately 20 to 25 medium size boxes.


Your gas, electricity, water and telephone companies will all need to be informed of your move. It is a good idea to inform them of your removal day at least a week prior. They will then advise you as to taking relevant meter readings, or send a meter reader to your address on removal day.

Your moving day

Your removal company should have contacted you the day prior to your move to advise their ETA, so there should be no surprises when they turn up. Before they arrive, make sure you have everything packed, ready and waiting. Also, have the balance payment for your move ready, if you haven’t already finalised this prior to your moving date. Most drivers will accept cash and/or credit card. If they are not carrying a merchant facility with them, they will in most cases have you complete a credit card authority form. Once you have completed this, the driver will phone through to their main office and provide payment details over the phone. Now you’re ready to move…. These are just a few basic tips, if you have any further queries we will be happy to advise you.